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Maths Revision Bundle: iGCSE Maths, Nat5, & GCSE


Four hours of maths revision. The revision bundle begins with a past paper assignment to assess where the areas of greatest needs are. Revision is tailored to your child. Also covered is exam technique.


Math revision is available for GCSEs, iGCSE Maths, and Nat 5s.

Maths Revision Bundle Details:

  • Duration: 4 hours in total
  • Age Group: Teens aged 12-16+
  • Tutor: Emma Cummings

Maths Revision Bundle Highlights

  • Initial assignment that will provide an assessment of exam readiness and identify specific areas needing revision.
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Tailored instruction and resources based on student’s needs

With exams approaching we want to provide a tuition bundle to help with maths UK exam preparation. One-to-one tuition allows your child to focus on the areas they find most challenging or gaps in learning.

Exam preparation tuition starts with an initial past paper assignment, this is to gauge the areas which causing the greatest struggle, and then we begin from there. This also allows Emma to see how the teen is answering the questions, so we can build on improving exam technique.

Emma’s gentle, non-judgemental way will put your child at ease. There truly are no stupid questions.

Maths Revision Sessions Will Cover:

  • maths concepts the student has found difficult,
  • exam technique and test-taking strategies
  • understanding exam questions and mark schemes.
  • Past papers review and discussion.

image of high school maths and calculator with text overlay. Maths revision bundle for GCSE, iGCSE & Nat5 at

Maths Revision With Complete Flexibility

With this Maths Revision bundle, there is complete flexibility. One session is an hour’s tuition. However, this may be too long for some students. Therefore, the hour can be split into small chunks. By purchasing the bundle you have 4 total hours of tuition which can be split however you would like. Giving you control of the home education learning process, and the reassurance that help is on hand.

Math revision is available for GCSEs, iGCSE Maths, and Nat 5s.

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