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Arise Academic Calendar (24-25) & Class Schedule

We look forward to seeing your teen in our live online classes. The Arise Academic calendar and timetable below will help you plan your homeschool year. If you have any questions, please email us at We are happy to help.

Important Enrolment Dates for the 24-25 Academic Year

  • 31-July Open Enrolment Ends (the best price of the season ends at 11:59 pm GMT on 31-July)
  • 1-25 August Late Enrolment
  • 26 August Enrolment closes
  • 29 August Parent & Student Orientation @ 2:30 pm (GMT). Details are provided in the enrolment confirmation letter.
  • Week of 2-September classes being

The 24-25 Weekly Class Timetable.

We have 18 total classes & 4 new tutors and more are being added each week! Tap the button below to see the most up-to-date version of live online courses available at Arise Home Education for the 24-25 school year.

Classes are typically held once a week (see each class description for complete details). Each live Zoom class consists of two 40-minute sessions with a short, 5-10 min., break in the middle. All classes are held according to the GMT time zone. See individual live courses for all details.

Upon purchase of classes, you will be sent additional registration and course access information. There is a discount for course bundle purchases.

We also have flexible payment plan options.

Orientation Week26-30 Aug
Semester 1 begins2-Sep-2024
Autumn 1/2 Term BreakOct 21-25
Semester 1 Ends20-Dec-2024
Last Day to Turn in Assignments20-Dec-2024
Christmas Holiday break23-Dec-2024 to Jan-3-2025
Semester 2 Begins6-Jan-2025
Reading week24 to 28 February 2025
Classes resume3-Mar-2025
Easter Holiday Break14 to 25 April 2025
Classes resume28-Apr-2025
Semester 2 Ends9-May-2025
Last Day to Turn in Assignments16-May-2025

What Year/Grade Level Is My Student?

Use this table as a guide to help understand the various terminology youmay hear around Arise. since we teach a variety of subjects that offer UK exam prep and USA high school transcript credit, this may help in understanding.

It is important to keep in mind that home-educated kids may be learning at multiple academic levels based on specific subject strengths weaknesses, and passions. It is not our goal to ‘pigeonhole’ any student into a grade level, but to provide clarification to help you navigate your home education options.

Student AgeScotlandEnglandUSA
5-6Primary 1 (P1)Year 1 Kindergarten
6-7Primary 2 (P2)Year 21st Grade
7-8Primary 3 (P3)Year 32nd Grade
8-9Primary 4 (P4)Year 43rd Grade
9-10Primary 5 (P5)Year 54th Grade
10-11Primary 6 (P6)Year 65th Grade
11-12Primary 7 (P7)Year 76th Grade
12-13Secondary 1 (S1)Year 87th Grade (aka Junior High or Middle School)
13-14Secondary 2 (S2)Year 98th Grade (aka Junior High or Middle School)
14-15Secondary 3 (S3)Year 109th Grade (1st year of High School, aka ‘Freshman’)
15-16Secondary 4 (S4)Year 1110th Grade (2nd year of High School, aka ‘Sophomore’)
16-17Secondary 5 (S5)Year 1211th Grade (3rd year of High School, aka ‘Junior’)
17-18Secondary 6 (S6)Year 1312th Grade (4th year of High School, aka ‘Senior’)

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