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Self-Paced Classes for High Schoolers!

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Self-Paced Classes On Offer

Choose from the following self-paced courses. Check back often, each semester will bring new self-paced courses for your students to enjoy.

Unless otherwise indicated, each 12-15 week high school, self-paced course is eligible for 1/2 credit on a USA transcript. Some courses are also suitable for UK exam preparations. See each course description for complete details.

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Confused by the U.S. High School Diploma and Transcript Model?

  • You are unfamiliar with the U. S. Model for high school graduation
  • You have no idea what a credit or transcript is, much less how to create one.

Stressed Out by the British Exam-based Model?

  • You aren’t sure how you will help your student achieve their career goals or provide proof of education.
  • Your child wants to apply for university but you aren’t sure how to accomplish it if they don’t want to or can’t sit British exams.

Learn About Home Ed Success in this Self-Paced Class for Home Educating Parents

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Unforgettable Christian Home Education

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