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Enjoy! You can catch the latest podcast episodes here at

Enjoy! You can catch the latest podcast episodes here.

You’ll find the list of recent podcasts below with the most recent podcast first.

Pastor David Mitchell and Sandra Skene of Connect Church, Kirkcaldy join Emma to discuss the Conversion Therapy ban. The bill is currently in the consultation phase in the Scottish Parliament. The conversion therapy ban, is meant to protect the rights of the LBGTQ+ community. However, we discuss the far-reaching implications of this bill on freedom of speech, and paternal rights. A similar bill has already been passed in Canada, where its effects are being felt. Legal commentators also comment on the poorly drafted legislation.
For more information, visit: Let Us Pray, Christian Institute, Evangelical Alliance.
Shannan discusses how to implement good planning. How three questions can build the foundation for effective planning throughout your home education. She mentions the following in the podcast.
*⁠Homeschool Road Map: Dream Big. Plan Well.⁠
⁠*Navigating Curriculum Choices/Curriculum Frustration Solved⁠
⁠*The Complete Self-Paced Course: USA Diploma & Transcript Model for HE Success in The UK

More creative ideas from Arise Home Education for homeschool planning.

Brain Blackburn is a long-time friend of Arise Home Education team member, Shannan Swindler. He joins her in the Arise World Geography class to talk with students about his 30 years working with Mercy Ships in Africa. He has lived in 13 African nations for over 20 years. He is passionate about all things African and encourages the love of learning wherever he goes. Head to the blog post for more information and resources shared in the class by Brian.
Acacia is a home education graduate, originally from Canada. She now lives in Scotland with her family. Acacia has published her own book of poems.

She has also studied at L’Abri. in Switzerland and Holland. She shares what L’Abri is, the history of the organisation and what her time there was like.

You can buy Acacia’s book “Waiting Spaces” from Amazon

If you are interested in learning more about L’Abri Visit their website.

Esther shares her home education journey with 5 children. Her children are now adults, or on the cusp of adulthood. She shares the joys of home education, living overseas, and raising bilingual kids.

Esther is also on the committee of CHESS, the Christian Home Education Support Service. She shares the history of the organisation, and how it helps home educators across the UK. If you are interested in CHESS visit their website.

Grab the resources mentioned in this post at Golden Arrows Home Education

Nicki discusses how to introduce art in home education. Nicki is an artist. She draws on her background in Montessori education, and as a professional art teacher. Nicki shares how combining art with nature study is a beautiful enriching practice to bring into your home.

Nicki also gives advice on what materials are good to have in your home for art, as well as things you can recycle to make fun art with.

Check out Nicki’s etsy shop:

Nicki is also our art and design class tutor.

Claire is a mother of four: one 12-year-old girl, and three boys. They have always home educated. Claire felt the call to home education when she was still at university, and  newly married.

Home Educating with younger Children

In the beginning home ed looked more traditional.

As the family grew they adopted a more Charlotte Mason approach

Charlotte Mason was a 19th century educator. She advocates short lessons, living books, narration, and nature study.

Children can learn together.

Busy bags for younger children, whilst older kids are doing their work.

Agnes will introduce us to the roll Gaelic plays in Scottish culture. If you think Gaelic is just the language of the Highlands, think again! How does our understanding of Gaelic shape our understanding of the land?

Agnes is a native speaker, who’s first language was Gaelic. She has recently completed her honours degree in Gaelic Studies, as well as being a home ed mum.

Agnes will also tell us about the roll Gaelic has played in the formation of faith in Gaelic community.

If this leaves you wanting to know more about learning Gaelic check out Agnes’ class on the Arise website.

Shannan from Captivating Compass and Arise continues with our chat about geography in home education. In this show she shares about world geography in high school How travel can enrich and even count towards high school credits.

Shannan from Captivating Compass shares how to make travel part of home education. By doing so travel becomes not only enriching, but educational. Whilst creating those wonderful family memories which stay with you and your kids.

Learn about Shannan’s World Geography class

Learn about this amazing class starting in August. High school art and design.

Today Emma will discuss the difference between live and self paced classes. Hopefully, this will help you decide when choosing classes for your kids which will work best for your family.

In this episode we meet Shannan Swindler. Shannan is originally from the US, but now lives in Scotland. She will be teaching World Geography and British History. Shannan is also a home education coach helping people navigate the High School Diploma.

Welcome to the Arise Home Education Podcast. An Unforgettable Christian Home Education Experience for UK & European Families. Join us as we help you on your home ed journey. We will talk about all things home edu oriented for families in the UK and Europe, with special emphasis on how to use the UK Exam model or the USA diploma & Transcript Model as proof of education. We will help you help your home ed. family enjoy the journey from the primary ages al the way to university acceptance or wherever the future take your teen.

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