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A great Home Education experience

Build strong foundations and create a life-giving, nurturing, Christian learning environment for families in the UK and worldwide. Join us and learn about Arise Home Education.

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What We do

In-person Conferences

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At Arise, we are passionate about God’s purpose for family and education. Join us for Christian Home Education activities & resources.


What you get

At Arise, we are passionate about God’s purpose for family and education. We are excited to partner with you.


Conferences, online communities and digital workshops for parents are perfect places to ask questions, find answers and spur each other on through our home education journey.


Getting to know other home educators in your area. Organizing activities for your region becomes doable with like-minded families. Join us for resources and community-building opportunities.


Enjoy how-to-workshops for parents and online classes that align with your family’s education goals. Can’t find a resource? Ask our veteran homeschool community for ideas and input.

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Learning Opportunities

Affordable Home education

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Why our classes?

At Arise Home Education, we understand the needs, and challenges of Christian home education in the UK and beyond. Our veteran home educators provide a wealth of knowledge about Christian home education in general. Our tutors have in-depth experience teaching online in their subject of expertise. They bring a rich, exciting learning opportunity to your family.

We are excited to partner with you to help you learn about Arise Home Education.

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Unforgettable Christian Home Education

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