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Maths Tutoring Information

Personalised Maths Tutoring To Meet Your Family’s Needs.

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Flexible maths tutoring with Arise to meet your family’s needs.  Emma has years of maths tutoring experience. Her gentle approach is particularly appreciated by kids and teens who are anxious about maths. She has experience working with kids of all grades and skill levels. Keep reading for more Maths tutoring information and resources.

Maths tutoring can be purchased as a one-off session or as a bundle of 4 sessions. You can use these weekly or have them’ up your sleeve’ for when needed; giving you that flexibility and confidence to begin and finish the year well.

Additional Details About Maths Tutoring

Maths Tutoring Information

Emma has experience with all grade levels, but also with tutoring with UK curriculum and structures (to both Higher and A level), as well as the US system up to Calculus.

Sessions are an hour in duration. However, if an hour is too long for your child that can be split into 30 mins sessions.

Location: Zoom Meeting

Tutor: Emma Cummings

More Maths Resources on Arise Home Education Facilitated by Emma

We understand maths can be a challenge for many students, and that it can induce a lot of anxiety. Emma is a gentle instructor, with empathy towards those struggling with maths.

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Common Tutoring Questions from Home Ed. Parents

Should I purchase a tutoring bundle? I don’t need weekly tutoring, but just a little sometimes.

Tutoring can be purchased by the hourly, and that hour can be used in bits. So 15 mins one time, 10 another, 30 mins a different day. As and when you need it.

Can tutoring time be shared amongst members of the same family?

Yes. If you have a few kids, you can split tutoring sessions and use them for more than one student.

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