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Who We Are

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Emma Cummings

Emma is mum to seven children. She enjoys great books, hiking in the beautiful Scottish hills and woods, swimming in lochs, and a good cup of tea. As well as wonderful literature, Emma has a passion for science and maths, and looks in wonder at God’s creation.

Emma will be teaching Astronomy, British Literature Year 1 & Year 2, and Maths Year 1 & Year 2 for Arise Home Education.

 Home Ed. Experience

Emma is currently educating her four oldest children, along with her two toddlers and a baby. They have always home-educated. Through the high school years, she has taught maths, sciences, and English. Also, Emma is actively involved in leadership within the home ed. community and has taught at home ed. coops for a number of years.

Professional Degrees & Experience

Emma has an honours degree in Mathematical Physics from the University of Edinburgh – Scotland. She teaches live, online middle school & high school home ed. courses, tutors privately, and produces home education curriculum on her website Golden Arrows Home Education.

image of David S. Randall, tutor at Arise Home Eduation

Rev. David Randall

David S. Randall is a minister of the Free Church of Scotland with 20 years of ministry experience, and a keen interest in the history of the church, together with the theological issues that always accompany the life and times of the church in each era. As well as his pastoral ministry, David is a visiting lecturer in theology at Edinburgh College. He is married with 4 children and enjoys reading, golf and movies in his spare time.

David will be teaching Church History for Arise Home Education.

Agnes Mitchell

Agnes Mitchell is a pastor’s wife and Home Ed mum to 4.

Agnes will be teaching Scottish Gaelic for Arise Home Education.

Home Ed Experience 

Her two older kids have gone on to college and Uni, and her two younger kids are at home enjoying an eclectic High school education, tailored to their individual passions and learning styles.

Professional Degrees & Experience

Born on the Isle of Lewis, and raised on the Isle of Skye, with her dad’s side coming from the island of North Uist, Agnes was steeped in multiple Gaelic dialects and culture from birth. Her first language was Gaelic, and she also holds an honors degree in Gaelic Language and culture, a degree done entirely through the medium of Gaelic via the Gaelic college on Skye.

She brings together a technical knowledge of the language with an intimate knowledge and love for Scottish Gaelic culture, song, poetry, and heritage. Agnes also teaches Scottish Gaelic in schools and night classes and is known by her students for being out of the box and enthusiastic.

Her first degree was in Theology and she has been involved in ministry of some kind since her teen years. She brings her love for Gaelic and her love for Jesus together, by being a regular speaker on Christian Gaelic radio programs.

In her spare time, she loves getting out into the beautiful nature of Fife with her family and her beloved golden retriever Zara. She also teaches guitar and does portrait photography.

image of Shannan Swindler Arise HE tutor at

Shannan Swindler

Shannan is a wife, mum, and saved-by-grace, child of The King. Her home base for the last 8 years has been Scotland, where she home-educates her two kids (ages 14 & 17). She is a classical-style home educator living out her God-breathed dream of raising her family in Europe.

Shannan will be teaching World Geography & Contextual History, and Navigating Life: Skills for Success.

Home Ed Experience 

Shannan is passionate about many things, especially helping others learn on location using the world as their classroom. She encourages students & parents alike to pursue their God-breathed dream, no matter what it is! 

Professional Degrees & Experience

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a minor in Sociology from George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon, USA. She teaches live, online high school home ed. courses and produces home education curriculum and family travel resources on her website Captivating Compass.

Hannah Smith

Believing strongly in the importance of Christian education,  Hannah is dedicated to providing a learning experience that integrates bible-based perspectives and is committed to providing a comprehensive understanding of science, including its historical context. By teaching science from a Christian perspective, Hannah seeks to instill values of curiosity, integrity, and reverence for God’s creation in her students.

Professional Degrees & Experience

Hannah has a masters degree in Mathematical Physics from Heriot-Watt University and a PGDE from the University of Strathclyde.

Hannah is actively involved in ministry at Ladywell Baptist Church, where her husband serves as the community worker. In her spare time, she enjoys reading (especially history), movies, and singing in choirs.

Working full-time as a tutor, Hannah is ready to guide students to a deeper understanding of the world and its creator.

Hannah will be teaching Maths & Science courses.

Esther Meldrum

Esther is a native Spanish speaker, originally from the state of Oaxaca in Southern Mexico. She will be teaching Spanish for Arise Home Education.

Esther has been living in Scotland since 2016 and much of her time is given to serving alongside her husband who is the Pastor of their local Church. Before coming to Scotland she spoke very little English so fully understands the challenges of learning a second language.

Professional Degrees & Experience

In Mexico, Esther taught at a Christian high school from 2014-2016. Prior to that, she graduated from University in her hometown with a degree in marketing and then went on to graduate from a Christian Bible School.

She currently works at a care home supporting people who have physical and learning disabilities. Music, arts, cooking, and traveling are amongst her many hobbies and she returns to Mexico every year to visit family.

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