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Church History: Autumn Semester Live Class


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Church History – 1 Semester Live Class

Required Materials: (Coming soon)

Day & Time: Thursdays 14:30 -16:00 GMT (Two 40-minute sessions with a short break in the middle.)

Location: Zoom Meeting

Tutor: David Randall

This 15-week live, high school class will cover:

  • The Early Church / Patristic Era (AD30-400)
  • The Medieval Era (AD500-1500)
  • The Reformation (1500s)
  • The Post-Reformation Era (1600-1700)
  • The Modern Era (1700 – present)

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image of cross with text overlay. Church History: Apostle to Present Day. A highschool level class at Church History Live Class.

The story of the Christian church is a remarkable one – she has been marginalised, ridiculed, opposed and persecuted from the outside; she has often been divided and disobedient on the inside. But she bears the promise of Jesus Christ, her King and Head – that he will build his church, and gates of hell will not prevail against it. Join is for this live online Church history course for highschoolers.

This 15-week course will explore all the major developments in the history of the church, from the era of the apostles all the way through to the present day, seeking not only to gain knowledge, but to learn the important lessons that the history of the church teaches us.

Required Materials: (Coming soon)

Day & Time: Thursday 14:30 -16:00 GMT (Two 40-minute sessions with a short break in the middle.)

Location: Zoom Meeting

Tutor: David Randall

This 15-week church history live class will cover:


  • The Apostolic Era
  • The Early Church Fathers
  • Councils and Creeds


  • The Fall of Rome and Rise of the Holy Roman Empire
  • The Rise of Islam and the Crusades
  • The Survival of the Gospel


  • Europe on the Eve of the Reformation
  • Martin Luther and John Calvin in Europe
  • John Knox and Thomas Cranmer in Britain


  • The Puritans
  • The Covenanters

THE MODERN ERA (1700 – present)

  • The Great Awakening
  • The Disruption
  • Global Mission and Social Responsibility
  • Into the Present and the Future

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Our Arise tutor, David Randall,  is a minister with the Free Church of Scotland and has taught this course in a local Christian homeschool co-op setting with an excellent response from students and parents on the curriculum and live class sessions.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to see your high schooler deepen their understanding of church history, and be encouraged in their Christian faith whilst earning USA high school credit for social studies (1 semester course = .5 credit). This course can also be taken as an enrichment course for those following the UK Exam model.

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