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Workshop: Home Ed. Success in The UK

Home Education Success in The UK & Beyond: Workshop

Home educating in the UK (we specialize in Scottish Home Education), or somewhere in Europe? 

Join us!

Workshop: Home Ed Success in the UK. 

Bring success to your home education journey. We will answer questions & ‘bust’ fears and concerns you or your family may have.

Topics included in the Home Education Success UK Workshop

  • Find Your Confidence by Conquering Your Fears
  • Finding Joy in Home Educating the early years.
  • Finding direction & clarity for home educating the Teen years.
  • Help & Encouragement for the Journey
  • What High School Subjects Do You (the parent) Need to Know for Homeschool Success with the USA Model?
  • How to Find Resources for Homeschool Success with the USA Model
  • Curriculum & Community Resources
  • And More

What’s Included

Session 1:

  • Find Your Confidence by Conquering Your Fears
  • Home Education Success for the Primary Years

Session 2:

  • Home Education Success for the High School Years with the USA Transcript Model or the UK Model

Session 3:

  • An Action Plan for Success: Help, Encouragement & Resources.

Here’s What’s included in the Home Education Success UK Workshop:

  • Workshop session via Zoom ( once you have registered, we will send you the Zoom session access link to add to your calendar).
  • Separate sessions are devoted to home educating Primary and Secondary-aged children.
  • A session about the various approaches for secondary education for those interested in the UK Model, the USA HSD & Transcript model, and more.
  • Action plan for Success and Q&A session.
  • PDF Workbook to use before, during, and after the session. Print it out or use it digitally.
  • Access to our exclusive Arise Home Education Community.
  • Access to recordings for you to refer back to as needed.
  • Discounts on other Arise Home Education Resources.
Join us June 1, 6 & 8, 2023 for the Home Ed Success in the UK workshop. We will discuss success for primary & secondary home education.

Why Choose for your home education journey?

  • Together, our team of tutors and home ed. coaches have more than 45 years of home education experience.
  • Our experience includes home-educating our own children from the early years on to college & university admission.
  • We each have learning differences and unique educational challenges but we have found a path of success that works for our families – it may also work for you.
  • We have access to a variety of Christian home education curricula for the UK, Europe & the USA, including live, online classes, self-paced studies, and ‘open & go’ resources that we use and love.
  • Together we have organized conferences, co-ops, classes, and field trips to enhance and support our home education journey for every member of the family.

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