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Free Printable | Autumn Leaves Learning

Emma Cummings

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Enjoying Autumn in Your Homeschool

I think that the majority of people would say autumn is their favourite season. The golden yellows, beautiful burnt oranges, and nutty browns have inspired poets and artists down through the centuries. Perhaps that has even become a bit of a cliche. However, it is true to say autumn provides a wealth of educational and enrichment opportunities for our children. Your family is sure to enjoy the free printable Autumn Leaves Learning poetry tea-time pack.

There are a multitude of beautiful autumn poetry to inspire and study. Perhaps take the opportunity to print a few off, or hunt through poetry anthologies and have an autumn poetry tea party. You could decorate your table with an assortment of autumn leaves of various shapes: maple leaves, oak leaves, sycamore, and chestnut. With young children discuss the intricate designs, shapes, and colours of the different types of leaves. Older children may be inspired to craft their own autumn poetry.

Enjoy the Beauty of The Season

It goes without saying autumn is a great time to marvel in the wonders of nature. There are often warm days, where a nature walk looking at the beautiful colours and breathing in the scents of autumn will refresh and inspire beauty and wonder. Take time to go outside as often as possible this fall season, this is a great way to connect with kids of all ages. It’s an easy and fun way to marvel at the beautiful colours and enjoy the beauty of the season.

Whilst on nature walks you could take watercolours out with you. spread a blanket in the woods and paint the colours you see. Younger children can gather leaves of different sizes and shapes and use them for fall crafts. A lovely activity is preserving the real leaves by dipping them in beeswax; or by laminating them. Then they can be used for art projects, fun crafts, and fall decorations.

This is the perfect time of year to visit a nature reserve, look out for migratory birds. Autumn is a wonderful time to do a project on the different species that visit here for the winter. And to make a plan to help support the wildlife in the winter months ahead.

Look at the Science of Autumn

For older children, it can be an opportunity to look at the science of autumn. Why do leaves change colors? Why do the nights lengthen? What is the equinox?  Perhaps do a project on the weather, or the seasons. The changes in colour are triggered by the changes in daylight hours. This chemical changes the plant to stop producing chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the chemical responsible for making the leaves green and is what enables the plant to photosynthesize. Photosynthesis is the process that allows planets to convert Carbon Dioxide and water into Oxygen. In fact the leaves don’t change colour. The autumn colors have always been there, they have been masked by the green chlorophyll.

It is also a fantastic time of year to begin stargazing. Perhaps keep a stargazing journal, and choose a few constellations to try and identify and find; see how their progress changes over the months of autumn and winter.

Free Printable Autumn Leaves Learning

Download your Autumn Poetry Tea-Time printable pack of fall activities. Let it inspire you this autumn. For younger kids, there are fall leaf coloring pages and printable templates of leaves. There is a leaf ID sheet. An Oak leaf template and a Maple leaf template. Let your kids get creative in how these can be used. Older kids will enjoy the autumn word search. You’ll even be able to get the whole family involved with the Autumn family bucket list of activities. We also included several autumn poetry classics by Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Robert Lewis Stevenson, and more. To complete the Autumn Poetry Tea-Tim printable pack there are several autumn-inspired writing prompts which are a great activity to complete your day after being outside enjoying the fall colors. 

Included in the Autumn Tea-Time Printable:

  • Poems by Emily Dickinson, Robert Lewis Stevenson, Robert Frost, Emily Bronte, and John Keats
  • Autumn Family Bucket List
  • Senses Scavenger Hunt
  • Leaves Counting Sheet
  • Autumn Word Search
  • Acrostic Poem Writing Page
  • Autumn Leaves Colouring Pages
  • Leaf Identification pages
  • Leaf template pages
  • Autumn Creative Writing Prompts

We hope you are enjoying this autumn season. And that this is a time full of gratitude, life and joy in your home.

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