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Easter Devotional for Kids

Emma Cummings

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Download your Easter devotional for kids at the end of this post. It’s part of the Spring Poetry Tea-Time Pack.

Celebrating Holy Week

As a child, I attended a rather traditional church. It was a church that seemed almost in the DNA of my family, having been the place of worship for generations of my mother’s family. In those formative years, Holy Week grew to be a sacred time of year for me. Yearly, I would accompany my mother and grandmother to the Holy Week services, and through these simple services journey with Christ from Palm Sunday to Good Friday and ultimately to Easter Sunday. The church was not liturgical, and as a Church of Scotland with roots in Presbyterianism had none of the artistic beauty of the high episcopalian churches my father had been raised in. 

As I entered my teens, two elderly men had a profound effect on my Christian faith. First was an old elder in the church, on his final Good Friday service, and dying of cancer he shared, about the death of Christ. This was the first time I was keenly aware of the cost of my salvation, God’s plan of redemption, and what that truly cost. This was made all the more poignant with the knowledge that this faithful saint was nearing the end of his life.

Passing Lessons On To My Own Children

The second gentleman was a retired minister. He was the most gentle, and prayerful man I have ever met. Listening to his sermons on the events of Holy Week left a mark – a profound impact on my spiritual journey and understanding of Christ’s resurrection. So, the example of this quiet man of prayer was a powerful testimony to my teenage self. Even now as Easter approaches, and the newness of spring can be felt the profound influence that these times of worship had is not lost to me.  And, I’m keenly aware of passing these lessons on to my own children. 

Easter Family Traditions

Although I am no longer in that denomination, and my own denomination does not strictly follow the liturgical calendar, although we do mark Holy Week, I have sought to build these traditions into our family. Every year, we mark the coming of the Easter season with an Easter week devotional. From my young children to my teens we journey with Christ from the triumphal entry on Palm Sunday to his clearing the Temple, the events of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, to the resurrection of Christ on Resurrection Sunday.

Spring Poetry and An Easter Devotional for Kids

In our Spring Poetry Teatime and Activity pack, we have included a Holy Week devotional. Some days there is a short family activity. There are passages of scripture for each day, a short meditation on the passage, and an opportunity to pray. There is also a scripture memory verse, and copy work page that can be printed off. Furthermore, there is also a simple Palm Sunday activity for young kids. 

Here’s what is covered in the Easter devotional for kids in the Spring Poetry Teatime printable.

  • Palm Sunday, Mathew 21:1-11
  • Jesus in Jerusalem, Matthew 21: 12-22
  • Jesus & The Poor Widows’ Offering, Luke 20:1 – 21:4
  • Jesus & The End of the Age, Matthew 24
  • The Passover Feast &Jesus’ Arrest, John 13:1-20
  • Good Friday & the Death of Jesus, Luke 23:26-56
  • Good Saturday & Grief, John 19:39-40
  • The Resurrection of Jesus & the First Easter, John 20:1-23

Making Your Easter Devotional for Kids a Family Activity

Family devotional time is a wonderful opportunity to touch a child’s heart with the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and by using an Easter devotional for kids, everyone can learn the real meaning of Easter, and that it is not all chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs. If this is not a regular habit in your home, perhaps this could be the beginning of regular family devotionals for your family. These do not need to be overly complicated.

The great, Corrie Ten Boom, told of the profound impact her parent’s faith had on the entire family. Her father did not have a fancy devotional guide or elaborate family activities. He simply did Bible readings every day and lived out his personal relationship with Christ. In doing so, he shaped the faith of his children, which in turn led them to stand strong in the face of Nazi evil during World War II.

As a family, you may already do this. Over the years, I have approached Easter time in different ways. One year we focused on the Holy Week account in the book of John, focusing especially on the teachings of Jesus at the Last Supper. Looking specifically at how the different Gospel writers re-tell the story of Christ through Holy Week brings a fresh perspective. Another idea is to follow different bible characters as they journey with Christ to the cross. We have also spent time looking at the Old Testament foreshadowing of Jesus’ death and resurrection. One year we specifically looked at the prophetic significance of the Passover, and the symbolism. On Maundy Thursday, we recreated a simple Passover meal and discussed what the different elements mean in the light of the knowledge of Jesus.

A Message of Hope for Your Family

Ultimately, the Easter story is a message of hope, the Lamb of God, paying the price for our sins, Jesus’ resurrection, and the empty tomb proving his triumph over death. These mighty truths of God, shared year in and year out with our children, are what form their faith. The repetition and retelling of the story help them understand the purpose of Christ’s coming.It is the very essence of the Gospel, the Good News: the hope of heaven- eternal life! We pray this Easter the peace of God will be in your homes.

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