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Christian Home Education UK: 20 Reasons to Start Now

Emma Cummings

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If you have seen the news, listened to the radio, or driven past your local primary or secondary school, you don’t need us to tell you that the state of education in the United Kingdom is in a tragic state. As followers of Christ, raising our own children in the knowledge and understanding of his love, grace, and judgment of sin is vital to their long-term devotion and relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Choosing to home-educate your family in a Christian environment is the best step in raising the next generation to honor God and love others in the way He describes in the Bible. Are you ready to start your Christian home education in the UK journey? We are here to help you every step of the way.

To start off, here are 20+ reasons why Christian home education is important in the UK:

The Educational Benefits of Home Education

You have more control over your child’s education. As a home educator, you can tailor the curriculum to your child’s individual needs and interests. You can also choose to focus on certain subjects or areas of learning that are important to you.

This is also true for kids from poorer socio-economic backgrounds, and it is not dependent on the educational attainment of the parents. What that means is that home school can raise standards for the poor kids as well as the rich!

You can be more flexible with your child’s schedule. Home education allows you to be more flexible with your child’s schedule. You can take breaks when needed and adjust the curriculum to fit your child’s needs.

You can give your child a unique education. Home education allows you to give your child a unique education that is tailored to their individual needs and interests. You can also choose to use a variety of resources and methods to teach your child, which can make learning more fun and engaging.

You can have fun! Home education can be a lot of fun. You can choose to use a variety of resources and methods to teach your child, which can make learning more enjoyable for both of you.

It can also help your children:

  • receive a more individualized and personalized education.
  • develop a love of learning.
  • become more independent and self-directed learners.
  • develop strong critical thinking skills.
  • develop good study habits.

The Social Benefits of Home Education

You can have more time with your child. Home education allows you to spend more time with your child and get to know them better. You can also use this time to help them develop their interests and talents.

You can travel more easily. Home education allows you to travel more easily with your child. You can take them on educational trips and experiences that would not be possible if they were in school.

You can be part of a supportive community. There are many home education communities in the UK that can provide you with support and resources. These communities can help you to learn more about home education and connect with other home educators.

It can also help your children:

  • develop strong relationships with their parents and siblings.
  • have more time for extracurricular activities and interests.

And…It can give parents more control over their children’s education.

The Religious Benefits of Home Education

You can instill Christian values and a biblical worldview in your child’s education. Home education allows you to teach your child about the Bible and Christian beliefs in a way that is consistent with your own values. This is likely a major factor in why most Christian parents make the decision to home-educate.

We can all see our churches struggle to hold onto their young people. We may have full creches, good numbers in Sunday School, but the numbers plummet in the youth.

This is heartbreaking. However, the Gen 2 Survey, a comprehensive study of factors shaping faith decisions of millennials in the US showed that 83% of kids who were homeschooled went on the keep their faith as adults.

You can make a difference in your child’s life. Home education can make a real difference in your child’s life. It can help them to develop their academic skills, learn about the Bible and Christian values, and grow into confident and well-rounded individuals using a character-building curriculum that supports your family’s Christian faith.

The Gen 2 survey also showed that home education also made a massive impact on the moral life decisions of these adults. The survey compared kids who grew up in Christian homes and compared the impact of different educational choices: homeschooling, Christian school, private school, and state schools. The statistics below are taken from the Gen 2 survey:

You can be a role model for your child. Home education allows you to be a role model for your child. You can show them that it is possible to be a successful student and a Christian at the same time. As we have seen the role of home education has a significant impact on the faith formation of a child. However, the number one factor was the relationship between a child and both their parents! It goes without saying that home education gives us the time with our children to pour life and love into their hearts and minds.

It can also allow parents to:

  • to provide a Christ-centered, biblical worldview approach to education for their children.
  • enjoy the opportunity to teach their children about their faith and values.
  • help their children develop a strong sense of identity and belonging based on Biblical values.
  • build strong relationships with other Christian families.

The Economic Benefits of Home Education

You can save money. Home education is often much cheaper than sending your child to a private or public school. You can save money on tuition, uniforms, books, and other school-related expenses.

It can help children and young people develop a strong work ethic and more flexible volunteer and work opportunities in their teen years.

It helps children prepare for vocational training, college, university, and beyond.

The Health Benefits of Home Education

You can create a more relaxed and supportive learning environment. Home education allows you to create a learning environment that is tailored to your child’s individual needs. You can also provide your child with more one-on-one attention, which can help them to reach their full potential.

You can build a strong family unit. Home education can help to build a strong family unit. By spending more time together, you can develop stronger relationships with your child and each other.

Brian Ray PHD has curated a vast body of research on home education and states, “87% of peer-reviewed studies on social, emotional, and psychological development show homeschool students perform statistically significantly better than those in conventional schools”

You can be an advocate for your child. As a home educator, you can be an advocate for your child’s education. You can make sure that they are getting the best possible education and that their needs are being met.

The Political Benefits of Home Education

You can make a difference in the world. Home education can help you to make a difference in the world. By raising your child to be a Christian and a good citizen, you can help to create a better future for everyone.

Deciding on Christian Home Education: UK Challenges & Triumphs

Of course, there are also some challenges associated with Christian home education. It can be a lot of work for parents, and it can be difficult to find resources and support. However, for many families, the benefits of Christian home education outweigh the challenges.

If you are considering Christian home education for your family, there are a few things you should do to prepare. First, you should research the different types of Christian home education programs available. There are many different programs to choose from, so you need to find one that fits your family’s needs and beliefs. Second, you should talk to other Christian home educators to get their advice and support. There are many online and in-person communities of Christian home educators who can offer you guidance and encouragement. Finally, you should pray about your decision and seek God’s will for your family. Christian home education is a big decision, but it can be a very rewarding one. If you feel called to home-educate your children, don’t be afraid to take the plunge.

If you are considering home education for your child, I encourage you to do your research and talk to other home educators. Home education is a big decision, but it can be a very rewarding one.

Resources for Christian Home Education in the UK

Many Christian home education families in the UK have used the International Certificate of Christian Education (ICCE) with excellent success. It is available throughout the UK and beyond. Whether you are looking for a homeschool program to partner with for all your home education needs, or you are a concerned parent wanting to choose educational materials so you can begin homeschooling based on your children’s interests, special needs, or specific grade levels.

We are here to offer practical advice, about online courses, information about qualifications for higher education, or even just guidance as you start primary school subjects using a Christian homeschooling curriculum. Arise Home Education is here to help you provide an unforgettable Christian home education experience for your family. While we specialize in Christian home education for families in Scotland, we have a number of additional resources that can help you if you are home-educating in other areas of the United Kingdom.

Local Resources

With the devolution of education, each country within the UK has somewhat different rules, regulations, and guidelines to follow with home education. Look for community forums on Facebook and the Home Education Wiki file (which is excellent) for detailed information about home education where you live. There are also Christian home education groups springing up throughout the UK, look for them by country and./or council/county to find fellow Christian home-educating families near you.

Home Education Curriculum Resources with a Christian Worldview

While many families look for home school resources and textbooks from America, there are several new and local resources available for families in Britain. Co-op communities, online classes, and self-paced learning opportunities abound. check out this growing list of resources and find the perfect curricula for your family.

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Do you know of other UK-based Christian home education resources? Send us an email ( with the name and the link so we can add them here. Thanks!

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