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Unite for Education – Thanks for Joining Us

Welcome, Conference Attendees

Thanks for joining us at the Unite for Education Conference

Arise Home Education Is Here To Help You Provide An Unforgettable Christian Home Education Experience for Your Family.

We are delighted that you joined us today at the Unite for Education conference. We look forward to journeying together as we home-educate in the UK.

Our way of saying thanks.

We wanted to say thanks for being concerned about the status of education in Scotland. We believe that home education is a way forward. We are excited to help as you learn how your family can enjoy home education success in the UK.

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Here’s a little more about Arise Home Education.

What we do:

image of globe and stack of books with text overlay: Planning fro Home Education Success: UK Reources. Home education is a successful alternative in the UK. Show be how at

Live, Online Classes

Live online classes for high schoolers that fit both the US model & the UK model.

We are also rolling out self-paced courses too! Details here.

image of lightbulb fild with items used in home education in the UK including coaching by

Home Ed Coaching

Home education coaching to help you succeed in your homeschool journey.

image of diploma and graducation cap with text overlay: How to use a USA High School Diploma & Transcript as Proof of Education in the UK. Helpful resources for home education success in the UK from

Course Selection & Transcript Assistance

Personalised support to help you find the perfect resource for educating your family at home, and, guidance for building a US transcript that will be UK ‘Uni-attractive’.

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Details available soon.

Live, Online Classes and Self-Paced Courses

Printables & Resources

Home Ed Coaching and Academic Counseling

Thanks for Joining Today’s Conference!

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Free resources we think you’ll love.

We hope these free resources encourage you as you navigate how to home educate in the UK.

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If you are brand new to home education, you will definitely want to grab the ’10 Things to Consider’ workbook. It will guide you through some of the initial decisions you want to consider as you begin your home education journey.

If you are looking at Scottish universities, make sure you grab the current information on qualifications/admission requirements for 19 different Scottish Universities. It will help you understand what the requirements are for entrance if you are following the US diploma & transcript model.

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Where you can find us:

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Unforgettable Christian Home Education

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