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British Literature & Composition – Year 1 – Shakespeare & Austen – 30-week course for high schoolers (S3-6/Year 10-13) and eager 8th graders (S2/Year 9). This class will develop skills in discussion, literary analysis, themes, cultural context, characterisation, and an introduction to literary criticism. We will look at how to structure and write essays as a response to literature: both persuasive and comparison.

Contextual History – Year 1- Tudor & Georgian Era – A 30-week course for high schoolers (S3-6/Year 10-13) and eager 8th graders (S2/Year 9). This course is a required companion to our British Literature & Composition Year 1 – Shakespeare & Austen course for those studying for the iGCSE Literature exam.  Students taking both courses and following the USA High School Diploma & transcript model will receive 1 Social Studies and 1 Literature & Composition credit for each class successfully completed with a passing grade.

British Literature and Composition Year 2-Dickens & Lewis – In this live class, we will engage the curiosity of the students through the study of great thinkers and writers like Dickens and C.S. Lewis. The course will look at the literary techniques employed by these writers, as well as the ideas they expounded. We will also spend time analysing contemporary poets of the period.

Contextual British History-Year 2: Victorian and Modern Era – In this informative and engaging course, students will delve into the captivating history of Victorian England and the modern era through the lives of influential figures such as Charles Dickens and C.S. Lewis.

High School World Geography – A 30-week course for high schoolers (S3-6/Year 10-13) and eager 8th graders (S2/Year 9). Includes mapping, country study, interactive activities, virtual museum tours, and more for 250+ countries through weekly homework and live, interactive online classes.

 iGCSE Maths Year 1 or iGCSE Maths Year 2 – These Maths courses are taught through live online classes, with a tutor, with a background in mathematical physics. The 30-week class consists of two weekly online classes lasting 40 minutes each. In class, we will cover the course content for the iGCSE mathematics edexcel (9-1) curriculum.

Higher Maths (SQA) – This course allows a student to study for the Higher Maths SQA exam, or to study the course as part of their high school diploma. This is perfect for students who require maths at a higher level. The course will be taught via two weekly online sessions, with homework set for students.

Navigating Life: Skills for Success – Full Year Life Class – These assignments and live lessons will be on a variety of topics every person needs to understand to successfully transition into the various responsibilities of adulthood.  Students will deep-dive into important life skills elements exploring aspects of particular career paths that interest them. It’s an opportunity for them to take charge of their learning and showcase their knowledge and creativity while setting a course for successfully navigating their future.

Gaelic Year 1 – 30 Week course for high schoolers (S3-6/Year 10-13) and eager 8th graders (S2/Year 9). This course is a gateway for your child to discover the rich and enchanting world of the Gaelic language.  It will offer your child a comprehensive and engaging learning experience incorporating expert instruction, interactive activities, extension activities, and cultural insights all designed to not only give your child a solid foundation in speaking and writing the language but also to understand the culture it is deeply connected to.  This course is suitable for complete beginners or those with some prior knowledge.

High School GCSE Astronomy Year 1 – 30 Week course for high schoolers (S3-6/Year 10-13) and eager 8th graders (S2/Year 9). This course will cover year 1 of the 2-year GCSE astronomy course. And it can be used for the US High School Transcript.

iGCSE Physics Year 1 – In the class, we will complete the Edexcel iGCSE Physics curriculum for year 1 over the course of 30 weeks in our live online sessions. Year 2 (planned for 25-26) will cover the remainder of the curriculum. Crucially, we will also develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We will learn how to ask questions and find answers. We will also discover together how an understanding of physical principles can be used to serve others and glorify God.

Cambridge iGCSE Combined Science – We will answer a wide range of questions from ‘What makes something a living thing?’ to ‘What influence do humans have on the natural world?’, from ‘What makes a solid a solid?’ to ‘Where do our fuels come from?’ and from ‘What is energy?’ to “What is the solar system?’. And so much more…

Spanish 1 – Spanish 1, a beginner-level high school course, will allow students to gain confidence in social situations that correspond to a beginner level of Spanish vocabulary and pronunciation, which is typically found in a high school year 1 course.  Students will learn  Spanish through reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  This will be done in live, online sessions as small groups or the entire class together. 

Pre-iGCSE Maths – This new class is perfect for any budding mathematicians who are not quite at the exam stage yet. We will loosely follow Education Scotland’s Benchmarks for Second and Third Level Numeracy and Mathematics, with a view to preparing students for iGCSE Mathematics.

Autumn Semester Class To Consider Adding

If you would like to add this class as part of your bundle please let us know so we can adjust your discount accordingly.

Church History – 1 Semester Live Class – This 15-week course will explore all the major developments in the history of the church, from the era of the apostles through to the present day, seeking not only to gain knowledge but to learn the important lessons that the history of the church teaches us.

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